847288 EP Design Studio 2

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EP Design Studio 2
EP 5

Advanced editing of architectural concepts. The students can convincingly communicate their designs, present them in detail and position them within the respective theoretical or creative context.

The central theme of the studio is everyday objects. It will addresses questions like how objects are experienced, what needs other than functional ones they answer, what mental structures are interwoven with - and contradict - their functional structures, or what cultural, intracultural or transcultural system underpins their directly experienced everydayness. We shall not, therefore, be concerning ourselves with objects as defined by their functions or by the categories into which they might be subdivided for analytic purposes, but instead with the processes whereby people relate to them, its relevance in the perception of space and architecture, and with the systems of human behavior and relationships that result therefrom (Baudrillard, 1996). The studio will study the relationship between objects, of the objects and space(wholes), and of the boundaries between the objects through the aspect of identity, representation, and meaning in the context of space design.

Students start by identifying objects in the environment ranging from physical objects to digital objects. Understanding its form, meaning, context, relationship to itself and its surrounding environment. The objects will be modeled and understood better through the immersive medium of virtual reality. An intense study of 3d printed real objects along with digital objects experienced in VR headset will define the path forward. 

The studio revolves around the Virtual Reality(VR) medium. Students are open to exploring the medium through any of the software they are comfortable with. Modeling, rendering, using VR Headsets, Softwares(VVVV, Unity, Unreal, Rhino) will be taught in the studio. 

Design Tutors: Clemens Plank & Anirudhan Iyengar 

Visiting Tutor: Judith Prossliner 

Technical Tutor: Mathias Holzman 

Baudrillard, J., 1996. The system of objects. 1st ed. London: Verso.

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

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