968001 Humanistic Psychology

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Humanistic Psychology
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Introduction into the basic knowledge concerning humanistic schools of therapy in regard to the underlying images of human beings; critical reflections on the historical origin of various schools of psychotherapy.

In every line of psychotherapy the images of humanity are of key importance. Every school of thought represents its own conception of mankind from which respective values, methods of operation as well as attitudes et cetera can be deduced. Images of human beings have an impact, not only, on the field of theory but also on the practical approach to psychotherapy. They also postulate basic assumptions and thereby indicate the overall concepts of professional behaviour; this is the  reason why they have to be repeatedly reflected on in a critical manner.

In the course of the lecture fundamental assumptions and modes of action within the different humanistic schools of therapy will be introduced and discussed (particularly client-centred psychotherapy based on the works of Carl Rogers; Gestalttherapie according to Fritz and Laura Perls: Psychodrama according to Levy Moreno). The biographies of the various founder personalities will be specifically addressed: The view on the conditions of socialisation concerning the founders of the various lines of schools illustrates that the influence of personal, cultural and historical facts have got - up to this day - a substantial impact on the formation of theory and therapy.

Lecture/ discussions/ exercises/ fil material

written exam

Rogers, Carl R. (1991: Entwicklung der Persönlichkeit. Psychotherapie aus der Sicht eines Therapeuten. Stuttgart: Klett Cotta.

Hochgerner, Markus/Hoffmann-Widhalm, Herta/Nausner, Liselotte/Wildberger, Elisabeth (Hg.) (2004). Gestalttherapie. Wien: Facultas.

Fürst, Jutta/Ottomeyer, Klaus/Pruckner, Hildegard (Hg.) (2004): Psychodrama-Therapie. Ein Handbuch. Wien: Facultas.

Further information on additional literature will be regularly announced in the course of the lecture.

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