968005 Psychogerontic Therapy

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Psychogerontic Therapy
VO 1

Age, aging and mental disorders in maturity. This course includes a general introduction to the basic issues of gerontopsychology and psychotherapy in elderly people with mental disorders. Furthermore, this course gives an overview about demographical and social dimensions of maturity and aging, and thus should ensure a greater awareness regarding specific problems in maturity. On the basis of theoretical concepts on aging, different gerontopsychological and psychotherapeutical interventions are discussed, taking the specific capabilities and limitations of this life period into account.

  • What do we mean with age and aging? – discussion of demographic trends and socio-cultural factors
  • psychological models of healthy vs. pathological aging
  • aging process in a bio-psycho-social perspective
  • “successful aging”: encouragement of psychosocial adaptation to increase cognitive and mental impairments
  • clinical psychology and psychotherapy in elderly patients: peculiarities in diagnosis and treatment using the example of depression, dementia, and grief


  • discussion of theoretical concepts of age psychology and psychotherapy in elderly patients, demographic and socio-cultural factors
  • the theoretical course of basic concepts will be supported by the discussion of case studies
  • presentation of methods for diagnosis of mental disorders in elderly patients
  • development of psychotherapeutic treatment concepts for elderly patients with mental disorders
  • illustration of psychotherapeutic interventions using video examples of elderly patients suffering from depression, dementia, or grief

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