968007 Psychopharmacology

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In the course Clinical Psychopharmacology the students should get an overview of the different groups of psychopharmaceuticals, their neurobiological mechanisms of action and indications. The possibilities and limitations of psychopharmacotherapy and their interaction with psychotherapy are to be critically reflected, according to the criteria of evidence-based clinical medicine. 

The lecture covers two semesters. In the first part neurobiological and pharmacological principles are explained as well as an introduction to evidence-based medicine is given. Step by step, the psychiatric disorders and their psychopharmacological treatment are discussed in detail: antidepressants and mood stabilizer; antipsychotics; anxiolytics and hypnotics; treatment options in substance use disorders; specificities in the treatment of elderly patients and antidementiva; stimulants; other biological therapy methods in psychiatry (ECT, TMS).

Interactive lecture, practical examples, handouts.

written exam

Benkert O, Hippius H (ed). Psychopharmakologischer Leitfaden für Psychologen und Psychotherapeuten. (3) 2016.

Vorderholzer U, Hohagen F (ed). Therapie psychischer Erkrankungen, State of the Art. (15) 2019.

Stahl SM. Stahl`s Essential Psychopharmacology. (4) 2013.

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