968010 Philosophy of Science

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Philosophy of Science
VO 2
every 2nd year

Students have a basic knowledge of the Philosophy of Science.

On the one hand, this lecture explores which requirements, aids and methods are needed in order to come to a universally excepted scientific level of understanding. On the other, we ask for the scopes and boundaries of such issues. In order to work scientifically we always need a language (in the sense of a code). Hence, the subject of this lecture is the particularity of language itself, its constructive elements and the way in which it brings the world as well as our reality to our minds. Also, it illustrates the differences and similarities between a scientific terminology and our everyday language. Further topics: the central axiom of logic; theory construction in everyday life and in science (argumentation, premise, inter subjectivity); role and function of the philosophy of science (e.g. empirism, positivism, critical realism); the relationship between the humane discipline, natural science and social science (interdisciplinarity); hermeneutics.

Lecture with the possibility to ask questions and have a discussion.

written exam

Detel, Wolfgang (2007): Grundkurs Philosophie. Erkenntnis- und Wissenschaftstheorie. Stuttgart: Reclam. Kron, Friedrich Wilhelm (1999): Wissenschaftstheorie für Pädagogen. München: UTB für Wissenschaft. Kuhn, Thomas S. (2007): Die Struktur der wissenschaftlichen Revolutionen. Frankfurt/M.: Suhrkamp. Poser, Hans (2006): Wissenschaftstheorie. Eine philosophische Einführung. Stuttgart: Reclam. Tschamler Herbert: Wissenschaftstheorie. Eine Einführung für Pädagogen. Bad Heilbrunn (Klinkhardt) 1996. Flick, Uwe (2000): Qualitative Forschung. Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt. Flick, Uwe/v. Kardoff, Ernst/Steinke, Ines (Hg.) (2000): Qualitative Forschung. Ein Handbuch. Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt. Lamnek, Siegfried (2006): Qualitative Sozialforschung. Weinheim: Beltz Verlag.

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