968012 Supervision

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The course assists in developing and training one’s own competence of reflection and offers at the same time the possibility of getting acquainted with the tool of supervision; a method which provides an absolutely essential means of quality management within the practical professional system of any form of psychotherapy.

It promotes the ability to recognize personal strong points as well as existing potentials in order to advance individual competence.

The course provides the possibility of precise reflection, the fundamental basics to conduct professional actions within psychotherapies.

In the course of practical supervision special attention is placed on the fact that schooling as well as training take place in an atmosphere that favours openness and a setting that allows mistakes because those factors permit a critical view of one’s proper self.

By means of presenting cases taken from one’s personal experience new thoughts can be developed, tested, reconsidered and eventually rejected.

The group offers an additional context which enables each participant by use of roleplays to slip into the character of the psychotherapist or his/her respective client.

In doing so every member of the group can witness the inner feelings of the individual more explicitly and almost first hand. 

Complete/respectively already started traineeship within the field of psychosocial studies, contribution of first-hand/personal cases, consistent attendance.

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Group 0
Date Time Location
Sat 2021-05-29
15.00 - 18.45 ST Schöpfstraße ST Schöpfstraße
Sun 2021-05-30
09.00 - 18.00 ST Schöpfstraße ST Schöpfstraße
Fri 2021-06-18
15.00 - 18.45 KR Liebeneggstraße KR Liebeneggstraße Barrier-free
Sat 2021-06-19
09.00 - 18.00 KR Liebeneggstraße KR Liebeneggstraße Barrier-free