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The aim of this course is to provide basic knowledge in the general research of the psychosocial field and within that to focus on practical interventions. Thus absolvents should not only be able to differentiate between general and specific active factors but also recognize, use and value them in their own practical field of expertize. In addition, the absolvents will acquire the basics of systemic epistemology and systemic interventions in order to apply a certain understanding of different approaches with the clientele.

The first block will focus on giving an overview of the specific mindset and the way to approach in the systemic field of interventions and counselling. With the roots in the psychoanalytic techniques the systemic theory and therefore the practical orientation soon was enriched by a broad field of different spheres of activity. A clear differentiation between the systematic approach as a practical orientated counselling and the psychotherapy as a clinical intervention is of prime importance.

The systemic approach is based on the theoretical background of not only the biological and sociological system theory, but also on cybernetics, constructionism and synergetic. Thus the systemic epistemology allows the understanding of the human as a part of greater social systems. In the systemic counselling, a personal problem can be therefore seen as an expression of a bigger problem system, which can be solved by personal and individual resources and competences.

In the psychosocial field the research differentiate between active factors, which can be categorized in general unspecific and field specific factors. The unspecific general factors can be found in a broad field of counselling approaches, hence are seen as the base of specific techniques and interventions. Whereas the field specific factors are groundbreaking for the paradigmatic orientation of the systemic approach with its explicit interventions.

Presentation and frontal lecture
Interactive exercises

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