104303 VU Molecular Biology III: Basics

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VU Molecular Biology III: Basics
VU 5

Main aim of this course is to introduce students into the basics of biomolecular methods:

  • search in scientific data bases
  • bioinformatic analyses of DNA/mRNA
  • extraction & purification of DNA/RNA
  • synthesis of cDNA
  • polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
  • cloning of PCR fragments
  • transformation of E. coli
  • verification of clones ('blue-white-screening', colony PCR, restriction analyses, agarose gel electrophoresis)
  • cloning of DNA construct for expression of fusion proteins

Additionally, basics of bioinformatics will be taught:

  • use of databases (ncbi, ensembl)
  • alignments/search of sequences (lalign, blast)
  • in silico cloning (pDraw or SerialCloner)
  • design of primers

Biomolecular methods, such as isolation of DNA and RNA, PCR and molecular cloning.

  • weekly schedule:
    • 1st week: cloning of two zebrafish genes (gDNA/cDNA), all together
    • 2nd week: individual cloning projects in small groups
  • RNA/DNA extraction and purification
  • cDNA synthesis via reverse transcriptation
  • in silico PCR/cloning
  • PCR based amplification of cDNA/gDNA 
  • TA cloning
  • verification of cloning via 'blue-white-screening', colony PCR or restriction analysis
  • exam after lecture
  • continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants 
  • final protocol of the practical part
  • Alberts et al., „Molecular Cell Biology“ (4th edition), ISBN-13:978-3527328246
  • Lottspeich & Engels, „Bioanalytik“ (3rd edition), ISBN-13:978-3827429421
  • T.A. Brown, „Genomes 3“ (3rd edition), ISBN-13: 978-0815341383
  • manual of the practical course (will be uploaded on OLAT)

Basic Laboratory Course and Introduction to Molecular Biology

Preliminary meeting on October 5, 2021, 5.15 pm, lecture hall G.

Please sign in only for group 0 (=lecture).

A (preliminary) division of the courses will be done according to the preferences of participants during the preliminary meeting and according to § 4 of the curriculum:

§ 4 Allocation of places in courses with a limited number of participants

In courses with a limited number of participants, course places are allocated as follows:

  1.  Presence at the preliminary meeting (personal or representative)
  2. Date of fulfilment of the necessary admission requirement(s); students who fulfilled the ad- mission requirement(s) at an earlier time are to be given priority.
  3. Number of semesters the student has been enrolled for the Bachelor’s Programme Biology; Students who have been enrolled for a longer time are to be given priority.
  4. By lot.
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siehe 104701 und 104702, VO Spezielle Molekularbiologie und UE Spezielle Molekularbiologie