104504 VO Production of Recombinant Proteins for Research and Medical Applications

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VO Production of Recombinant Proteins for Research and Medical Applications
VO 1

Students who have attended this lecture should be able to choose an appropriate expression system for a particular application and should be independently capable to generate corresponding expression constructs. 

Knowledge of important prokaryotic-, eukaryotic- and in vitro- expression systems that are appropriate for the production of recombinant proteins. Techniques for the generation of expression constructs and methods/principles for the purification of recombinant proteins. Use of recombinant proteins in industrial, medical or scientific applications.

Blocked lecture with visual support and interactive teaching.

Written multiple-choice test at the end of the blocked lecture. If required, further exams possible.

Relevant chapters/textbooks will be announced during the lecture. Handouts related to important topics are available during and after the lecture under the web link below.

This course is offered as a joint lecture together with 104708 VO Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutical Approaches.

Date and time for the exam(s) will be arranged with the interested participants during the lecture. Please apply for the exam via email to the lecturer with your name and your matriculation number at least 3 days before the exam. For further information and short-term changes please visit the web link below.

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siehe 104708, VO Krankheitsmechanismen und therapeutische Ansätze