124231 Ivrit (Modern Hebrew) I

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Ivrit (Modern Hebrew) I
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Prerequisites: none
Goal: Language Learning: At this level the learner can introduce him-/herself and others and answer questions about personal details, e.g. where he/she lives, where he/she comes from; he/she can interact in a very basic way, if the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help. Culture: This course gives insights into the culture and everyday-life of Israel, the music scene, the standard dialect and slang. Calligraphy workshop square script.

Hebrew writing and cursive writing; greeting; introducing oneself; the weather; your circle of friends; numbers/money/currency; shopping; at a restaurant

Linguistic Goals:
to introduce yourself; to greet someone; to ask about family/where you live/come from; to ask for information; to orient yourself in a town; to describe something; to order something; to ask for something politely; to thank somebody; to offer something

Structural Goals:
Alphabet; punctuation “nikud“; pronunciation of "Schwa"; word formation with the stem vowels “mishkalim“, “shorashim“; article “he hayedia“; conjunction „vav hakhibur“ (“and“); preposition “milot yakhas“; masculine, feminine nouns “shmot etsem“, “zakhar“, “nekeva“; plural formation “ribuy“ (“hasiyomot“: “-im“, “-ot“); adjective “shem hatoar“; 7 verb stems, 7 conjugations shiv’at binyeney hapoal: “paal“, “hufal“, “hifil“, “nifal“, “piel“, “pual“, “hitpael“; personal pronouns “kinuyey guf“; present tense conjugation of „hove“; past tense conjugation of “zman avar“; demonstrative pronouns “kinuy romez“ (“ze“, “zot“); negation “shlila“ (“lo“); “yesh“, “eyn“ equivalence to "have", "not have"; genitive “shel“; compounds “smikhut“; modal verbs “pealim modaliyim lirtsot“, “yakhol“, “tsarikh“, “asur“; numbers “misparim“

Cultural studies of Israel; ethnic, religious and cultural diversity in today's Israel; the contemporary Israeli music scene; 2 contemporary films giving insights into the lives of the orthodox and secular parts of society

interactive language instruction

Hebrew from Scratch, part 1, Updated Edition, Jerusalem: Hebrew University Magnes Press, 2019


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