146315 VU Biomedical Engineering 5 - Advanced: Molecular Biological Methods for Diagnosis and Therapy

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VU Biomedical Engineering 5 - Advanced: Molecular Biological Methods for Diagnosis and Therapy
VU 2

Basic knowledge of cell biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology

Detailed knowledge of the most relevant analytical laboratory methods (basic molecular biology techniques and high-throughput methods)

Basic knowledge of data analysis methods and quantitative assessment of diagnostic markers and practices

· Principles of cell biology and biochemistry

o Cell, organelles, cell cycle

o Biochemicals and most important metabolic pathways

· Principles of molecular biology

o The human genome and ist variability

o Replication

o Transcription

o Translation

o Post-translational modifications

· Basic techniques in molecular biology

o Properties and isolation of nucleic acids

o Electrophoresis, blotting, hybridization

o Amplification, Cloning, PCR, RT-PCR

o Classical sequencing (ddNTP, Sanger)

o Quantitation (dot blot, qPCR, qRT-PCR)

· High-throughput technologies

o Mutational analysis (DASH, molecular beacons, chip-based methods)

o Next-generation sequencing (454, Illumina, Solid, Ion torrent)

o Transcriptomics (Chip-based, transcript-sequencing)

o Proteomics (HPLC, CE, mass spectrometry)

o Metabolomics (NMR, HPLC, GC, CE, mass spectrometry)

o Biological databases (GenBank, dbSNP, OMIM, HapMap, PIR, HMDB, ...)

· Data analysis and assessment of diagnostic methods

o S/N ratio, LOD, LLOQ, linear range, ULOQ

o Distributions, reference ranges

o Sensitivity, Sepecificity, PPV, NPV

o ROC analysis

o Uni- and multivariate statistics and data visualization (Tests, overfitting, correction, PCA, PLS-DA, volcano-plot, ...)

Continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants).

Oral examination and continuous assessment of contributions during lectures

· Friedrich Lottspeich & Joachim Engels, Bioanalytik, Springer Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, 3. Auflage 2012, ISBN 978-3827429421

· Lothar Thomas, Labor und Diagnose, TH-Books, 8. Auflage 2012, ISBN 978-3980521581

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