222402 SE Social ethics and Interreligious dialogue

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SE Social ethics and Interreligious dialogue
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The students gain insight into the theory and practice of interreligious cooperation in the field of social ethics with a focus on India and Asia. They know the discussed texts and practices and are able to act critically and unfold their own perspectives on the socio-ethical dimension of interreligious dialogue.

The students come to know the art of interreligious dialogue and possibility of working together with other religions for justice, harmony, peace and liberation/salvation.

  1. a) Jesus and his attitudes towards other religions in the New Testament; b) Jesus as the Way to interreligious Dialogue in Asia and c) Jesus as the Way to liberation of the poor in Asia (Ref: to Asian Bishops Conferences)
  2. Knowledge and work based on Nostra Aetate and documents of the Federation of Asian Episcopal Conferences (The Church and her attitude towards other religions). Based on the values ​​of the kingdom of God, how can the church, along with other religions, work for justice, peace, harmony and liberation/salvation?
  3. Swamy Vivekananda, his attitude towards other religions and the interfaith dialogue for the liberation of the poor and oppressed in India.

The lessons learned are illustrated by concrete examples of interreligious cooperation, i.a. based on photos and short films.

Discussions, Analysis, Group work.

Seminar thesis and oral exam.

Alangaram. A, Religions for Societal Transformation, Interreligious Dialogue from Subaltern Perspectives. Foreword by Aloysius Pieris. Bangalore: ATC Publication, 2006.
Alangaram. A, Christ of the Asian Peoples Towards an Asian Contextual Christology Based on the documents of Federation of Asian Bishop’s Conferences, Revised Edition. Bangalore: Asian Trading corporation, 2001.
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Sathianathan Clarke, Dalits and Christianity Subaltern Religion and Liberation Theology in India. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1998.


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