310020 UE Tutorial on International Law

winter semester 2021/2022 | Last update: 26.04.2021 Place course on memo list
UE Tutorial on International Law
UE 2
each semester

The course sets out to revise the syllabus of the main lecture in Public International Law. An in-depth discussion of examples of typical and current international law cases will help students to consolidate their knowledge of international law in preparation for the final exam.

Building on the core content of the main lecture, we will examine the sources of public international law, the relationship between international law and national legal systems and the subjects of public international law. Further relevant areas of public international law will also be discussed.

Case studies, discussion of relevant questions and issues of public international law.

Students' evaluation is based on their active participation in class and a final written exam. Possibly also a midterm exam/homework.

Please note that the course is held in German.

law materials: Mayr-Singer/Müller/Villotti, Essentials Völkerrecht (2012) or Kodex Völkerrecht (latest edition).

Further literature recommendations in class.

No previous knowledge required.