310021 UE Tutorial on International Law

winter semester 2021/2022 | Last update: 29.10.2021 Place course on memo list
UE Tutorial on International Law
UE 2
each semester

Understanding the basic concepts of the law of the United Nations (UN).

Institutional structure of the UN and relating aspects of general public international law, UN mechanisms within the peace and security agenda (peaceful settlement of disputes, UN Security Council sanctions under Ch. VII UNC, peacekeeping), case law of the International Court of Justice, reform debates, current developments regarding the UN, conflict management.

Case studies, discussion of relevant questions and issues of international law.

The evaluation is based on a final written exam and regular active participation during the tutorials.

Mayr-Singer/Müller/Villotti (ed.) Essentials Völkerrecht (2012).

No previous knowledge required, i.e. open for beginners.