312206 VO Competition Law (Unfair Competition and Anti Trust Law)

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VO Competition Law (Unfair Competition and Anti Trust Law)
VO 1
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The lecture is intended to provide students with an in-depth introduction to this field of law. The basic principles and particularities (e.g. economic approach, market definition) will be dealt with.

The lecture deals with both antitrust law and fair trading law, which together constitute competition law. Both fields of law are strongly influenced by the law of the European Union.

In Austria, antitrust law is regulated by the KartG, fair trading law by the UWG. The special objectives of antitrust law, the prohibition on agreements, which restrict competition ("ban on cartels"), the prohibition of abuse of dominant positions and merger control are subject of this lecture. The lecture also deals with fair trading law in its functions as protection of competitors, consumer protection and protection of competition, whereby a case-oriented presentation is offered. A further focus for both topics is on enforcement. The lecture is held in English.

Lecture, assessment based on a single examination act at the end of the course.

Course examination according to § 7 Satzungsteil, Studienrechtliche Bestimmungen

Will be discussed during the first session.

The lecture is given in English.

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