418650 VU Current Developments in Media Practice: News Agencies and Agency Journalism in the Digital Transformation

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VU Current Developments in Media Practice: News Agencies and Agency Journalism in the Digital Transformation
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Graduates know different writing techniques and can use them appropriately. In addition, they have specific knowledge in a current area of media practice (e.g. in the field of methods of  visual  communication,  political  communication  or  knowledge  and  scientific communication.

Imparting knowledge of different forms and techniques of writing for the various  media  formats  and  their  application,  also  in  the  form  of communication training.

National vs. international news agencies
State-owned vs. private news agencies
The role of news agencies in the system of media and information
Change of media, politics and public
Transformation and digitisation of media and information industry
APA I: From independance declaration to automated content
APA II: Strategy, media and innovation management
APA III: Best practice of digital transformation  - newsroom
APA IV: Best practice of digital transformation – solutions for IT and communications
APA V: Best Practice – virtuel participation in editorial conference

Lecture, discussion, using APA-systems, participation editorial conference


Jääskelainen, Atte and Yanatma, S. (2019): The future of national news agencies in Europe. The London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK. https://doi.org/10.21953/lse.1oelxlquslqm
Kaltenbrunner, Andy, Matthias Karmasin und Daniela Kraus (Hg.) (2017): Journalism Report V. Innovation and Transition. Facultas Verlag, Wien.
Pig, Clemens (2020): APA – Vom Weg in die Unabhängigkeit bis zu Automated Content: Unabhängige Nachrichtenagenturen als Motor für eine freie Presse und Innovationsplattform für die Medien- und Kommunikationsindustrie (2020). In: Medienhandbuch Österreich 2020. hrsg. vom Verband Österreichischer Zeitungen, Wien, 64–75, Studienverlag, Innsbruck.

"Active master's programme"

The minor “Media Practice” covering 30 ECTS-Credits can be selected by degree students of Master’s programmes at the University of Innsbruck, providing the relevant curriculum allows for the option to pass a minor.

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Thu 2021-10-28
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Fri 2021-10-29
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Fri 2022-01-21
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