433009 PS Organisation: Processes and Practices

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PS Organisation: Processes and Practices
PS 1
Introduction to economic sciences
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After successfully completing the course, students understand structures, preconditions and consequences of organizational practices and processes. Moreover, they are able to assess the potentials and limitations to use purposeful management practices (e.g. talent management, quality management). Finally, students develop their capabilities to write a text that meet the criteria of scientific work

We discuss formal (locating within the organizational structure, formal procedures, …) as well as informal dimensions (socio-cultural acceptance, not-intended consequences, …) of different organizational practices and processes. The different lecturers focus on different themes, e.g. in the context of human resources management practices.


The course includes an introduction to academic writing, a written assignment by groups of students and possibly a short presentation of this assignment. In any case, students get systematic feedback on a first version of their written assignment.

Written assignments; possibly presentations

Recommendations of literature by the lecturer

Successful completion of the following courses: Basics of business administration and basics of economics

Attendance of the preliminary discussion

The course takes place virtually.

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Group 0
Date Time Location
Tue 2021-10-19
08.00 - 12.45 eLecture - online eLecture - online
Tue 2021-11-16
08.00 - 11.45 eLecture - online eLecture - online
Tue 2022-01-18
08.00 - 12.45 eLecture - online eLecture - online