603018 KU Anthropology and Education

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KU Anthropology and Education
KU 2
every 2 weeks

Students acquire an overview on sociological and pedagogical concepts of education and are able to interpret and analyze processes of education in the context of social change.

Bildung/Education holds in the debate about the future of the knowledge society and educational equity a key position. What are the goals of education, which aims follows formation processes? First the course will focus on the concepts of education, educational inequality, educational justice, educational process. The empirical studies of the sociology of education (as well as the PISA, TIMSS studies) provides important insights that show the importance of education for the individual and society, and the social gradient of educational processes. To this connection questions of the educational inequality, education and social origin, education and gender, education and migration arises. Which knowledge has the sociology of education from the empirical  investigations of individual lifecourses and the distribution of life-chances? Moreover are taken from microview and from macroview educational contexts in the look which indicate clarification, knowledge profit and problem solutions.

Reading, presentations, discussions

Active participation, seminar paper, presentation

DÖRPINGHAUS, Andreas, POENITSCH, Andreas und Lothar WIGGER: Einführung in die Theorie der Bildung. Darmstadt 3. Aufl. 2009. SCHWANITZ, Dietrich: Bildung. Alles, was man wissen muß. München 2002.


no prerequisities

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