621037 UE Martial Arts

winter semester 2021/2022 | Last update: 03.09.2023 Place course on memo list
UE Martial Arts
UE 1

Extension of the knowledge in the field of sport (particular characteristics of martial arts and combat sports).

Acquaintance with a martial art; breakfalls as well as judo-specific techniques of standing and ground fight (including throwing and grappling techniques); rough knowledge of combat rules; short historical background; philosophy and fundamental principles of judo; ethical, social, and psychological aspects of martial arts; different educational approaches and training methods; injury prevention.


Practical course

Compulsory attendance, participation, demonstration of judo techniques and application of the acquired principles of judo, theoretical background, attending as well as observing a held lesson and giving a short demonstration lesson during a judo course for children.


Extract of the competition rules and own notes. Relevant literature will mostly be available on a learning platform (OLAT). Further information will be given during the course.


Please avoid missing the first lesson as this is important!

Please take always with you writing utensils and don’t forget your diary during the first unit.

If you should have a judogi (kimono) or the possibility to borrow it, please, wear it from the first lesson on. Otherwise it is possible to borrow a judogi for a fee of € 5,-. In this case, please take with you € 5,- (no change available) during the first lesson.


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Group 0
Date Time Location
Fri 2021-10-22
12.00 - 16.00 H50 H50
Sat 2021-10-23
08.30 - 12.30 H50 H50
Sat 2021-10-23
13.30 - 16.45 H50 H50