621106 VO Sport Management

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VO Sport Management
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The course aims to provide students with profound knowledge on management theories, principles and experiences within the field of sports events. By adopting several case studies dealing with the bidding, planning and running of (major) events (e.g. the Winter Olympic Games Torino 2006, the UEFA EURO 2008 Austria-Switzerland, the bid for the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2015 – 2019, Feasibility Study hosting the Winter Olympic Games Innsbruck 2026) students will be able to practically apply principles and knowledge gained during the course.

Student Learning Outcomes:

-          Students will have a thorough understanding of the different types of sport events and strategic event development (from bidding to implementation and wrap-up)

-          Students will fully comprehend the variety of stakeholders involved and functional areas needed for the implementation of sports events and their respective duties

-          Students will be able to apply well-established tools for the evaluation of events (e.g. cost-benefit analysis)

-          Students will gain knowledge on the wide range of event legacies


This course will apply management theories, principles and experiences within the field of the organization and management of major sports events.

From a strategic perspective (which events are fitting in a region such as the Tirol), the course will focus on the following aspects:

- Strategic event development and bidding
- Sports events as typical projects (project management)
- Types of events, stakeholders, leadership & organizing
- Planning & controlling of events
- Marketing, sponsorship, ambush
- Tourism related aspects of events
- Event implementation (functional areas: from accreditation to venue management)
- Event legacies & event evaluation (e.g. cost-benefit analysis).



Written exam (100%)


Parent, M., & Smith-Swan, S. (2013) Managing major sports events – theory and practice. Oxford: Routledge.

Event related articles in journals such as the

-          Sport Management Journal

-          European Sport Management Quarterly

-          Sport Management Review

-          Event Management

Relevant journal articles will be provided by the lecturer during the course.

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