622012 SE Seminar with Bachelor's Thesis: Europe and Democracy

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SE Seminar with Bachelor's Thesis: Europe and Democracy
SE 2
each semester

Processing and contextualisation of research literature and sources according to subject-specific standards; skills in writing a historical treatise (bachelor thesis) on a topic from the historical epochs and disciplines; presentation of the newly acquired knowledge

The course is dealing with the relationship between Europe and democracy in a contemporary historical and current perspective. Starting from the basic idea of the European integration process after 1945, its unfinished structure, historical and current challenges as well as the question of the future will be examined.

The seminar repeats basic subject specific methods (research, writing of a historical treatise). Within the thematic field, students develop and write their bachelor thesis under structured supervision and present the concept as well as preliminary results. The individual choice of a topic different from this subject area is possible in justified exceptions.

Reading and analysis of research literature and sources; students’ own investigations; group work and peer assessment; presentations and discussions; lectures

Regular and active participation in the seminar, presentations, peer assessment, bachelor thesis

Michael Gehler, Europa: Ideen – Institutionen – Vereinigung – Zusammenhalt, Reinbeck, 32018.

Michael Gehler/Alexander Merkl/Kai Schinke (Hrsg.), Die Europäische Union als Verantwortungsgemeinschaft. Anspruch und Wirklichkeit, Wien/Köln/Weimar 2020.

Markus Steinbrecher, Evelyn Bytzek, Ulrich Rosar, Sigrid (Hrsg.), Europa, europäische Integration und Eurokrise: Öffentliche Meinung, politische Einstellungen und politisches Verhalten im Mehrebenensystem der Europäischen Union, Wiesbaden 2014.

Werner Weidenfeld/Wolfgang Wessels/Funda Tekin (Hrsg.), Europa von A bis Z. Taschenbuch der europäischen Integration, Wiesbaden 2020.

Successful completion of compulsory modules 1, 12 and 13. Proof of the successful completion of the second proseminar (compulsory module 12 or 13) ought to be produced until the end of October 2021.