627461 PR Subject Related Practical Course Spanish

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PR Subject Related Practical Course Spanish
PR 1

Graduates of this module are familiar with Spanish teaching practices; they have tested, critically reflected on and evaluated their own teaching approaches in terms of procedures and methods of Spanish teaching; graduates are able to apply their profession-specific competences including knowledge of teaching methods and target group-specific communication to Spanish lessons and thereby acquire a fundamental professional understanding for their occupational field.

(Topic) specific observation of teaching processes: planning, implementation and evaluation of Spanish lessons with regard to foreign language-didactic teaching models, subject-didactic reflection: getting to know occupational fields in practical teaching; sitting in on lectures with a total of 9–12 hours; independent planning and execution of 6 lessons or sequences of teaching on the specific subject matter, which corresponds to 6 school lessons.

Various social forms; high extent of active participation required.

written and oral

To be announced in class.

Successful completion of Compulsory Module 2 and 10 Bachelor's Programme Secondary School Teacher Training (General Education) Subject: Spanish

The admission to the course follows the conditions of admission (for information please consult the IMoF website: https://www.uibk.ac.at/imof/studium/).