645201 EX Historical Excursion

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EX Historical Excursion
EX 2
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Examination of the historic and cultural space of “Inner-Austria” (≈ Styria)  (temporal categorization and local mapping by means of guided tours in museums or by the phenomenon of the so-called “lieux de memoire”), intensification of knowledge about the historic developments from Early Modern Times to present days.

Like Tyrol also Styria is an Austrian federal land with a distinctive regional identity. This results partly from its role as a Habsburg residence in the Early Modern period, partly from its assertive landed Estates and the role of the province in the time of industrialization. We will deal with the early medieval history in Pürgg and Admont, with the spread of Reformation (Strechau), Graz and its development from a Habsburg residence to “Pensionopolis” in the 19th c. and its start into the time of industrialization.

(Guided) tours in the field, presentations of the course instructors, local experts and preparation of historical material about the visited places. Willingness to discuss!

active participation during the excursion, preparation of thematic units and if so final essay

Information on literature in the course via OLAT. We recommend https://360.grazmuseum.at/impressum/

Positive assessment of compulsory module 1. 

The excursion takes place probably in the second week of February 2022. The attendance of the corresponding course 645.202 is mandatory.

to be announced
6 Tage, Graz und Umgebung