704705 VU Special Themes 1: Superconductor Physics

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VU Special Themes 1: Superconductor Physics
VU 3
every 2nd year

At the end of the class students should know the concepts taught in the lecture and be able to apply them to simple problems and questions in the field.

This course builds on and extends the Solid State Physics class of the Physics Bachelor program. After a short review we will develop the foundations of superconductor physics to the point that modern applications of these materials in classical and quantum physics can be discussed. 

  1. Sperconductors
    1. Phenomena (vanishing resisitvity, Meissner effect, flux quantization, etc.)
    2. Ginzburg-Landau theory
    3. Basics of BCS theory
    4. Josephson effect
    5. SQUID
    6. Applications in quantum physics

Blackboard or tablet-pc presentation

Oral exam

  • Gross & Marx, Festkörperphysik, Oldenbourg Verlag
  • Tinkham, Superconductivity, Oxford University Press

The course will be given in German or English upon request

The date and time for the lecture will be determined with poll at the beginning of the semester

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SR 1 Mi 15:15-16 / SR2 Fr 10-12:15 - als VU704704 gebucht, AUSNAHME am Fr 22.10. und Fr 21.1. im SR01/110
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