743901 VU Scientific Writing I

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VU Scientific Writing I
VU 1

Students learn the IMRAD Structure of scientific papers and the peer-review process.

1- What is a primary scientific publication? What is the peer-review process? Solving some common  errors in scientific writing. The structure of a scientific publication.

2-When, what, and where to submit your manuscript

3- What to write first

4- How to prepare a good title and keywords

5-The abstract, active vs. passive formulations, wordiness

6-The introduction

7-Mastering the structure of paragraphs

8-Academic words used for reporting and connecting ideas

9- What information should be given in Materials and Methods?

10-Results (preparing tables and figures, common errors, legends, presentation)


12-The appropriate tense for each section

13-Learning to avoid plagiarism

14-Word usage in scientific writing

15-Words and expressions to avoid; being concise

16-Use of citations

17-Tips on preparing the final version of the manuscript  

18-Submitting the final version

19- Editors and the peer review process

26-Making a review: how should the comments for the authors look like?

27-Learning why manuscripts (in theory) get accepted/rejected

28- Page proof, open access or printed journals in a paperless age.

Continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants).


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