847351 UE Specialisation: Construction and Design - Prototyping

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UE Specialisation: Construction and Design - Prototyping
UE 3

The students acquire individual but broadly diversified knowledge and skills in various fields of architecture. They develop a strategic understanding for the integration of technical knowledge into the conception, planning, implementation and teaching of architecture.

Shingles are mainly used in roofing construction, which is consisting of individual overlapping elements. Considering the aesthetics in patterns, textures and colours and the feature of repelling water, the aim of the course is to learn about shingle construction and the assembly process as well as the idea of getting digital information via the design output, which helps to improve construction efficiency and tackles with complex spatial geometrical issues.


In questioning the current role of human labour in construction processes, we will also investigate new modes of communicating design and construction information, which apply Augmented Reality technologies, focusing on the execution of computer generated forms through augmented human labour.

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

kick off on 12th Oct. at 10:30

Mo, 4.10.2021 9-12 Uhr, Treffpunkt i.sd Foyer, dann Bauplatzbesichtigung
Di, 5.10.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Fr, 8.10.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Mo, 11.10.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Di, 12.10.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Fr, 15.10.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Mo, 18.10.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Di, 19.10.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Fr, 22.10.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Mo, 25.10.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Fr, 29.10.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Fr, 5.11.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Mo, 8.11.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Di, 9.11.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle
Fr, 11.11.2021 9-16 Uhr, i.sd/Baustelle