930007 Gender, Ethnicity and Culture

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Gender, Ethnicity and Culture
VO 2

The students will be introduced to debates about representations of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and race through the lens of (post)colonialism and feminist approaches. They will understand and problematize the complex relation between ethnicity, gender and forms of representation in contemporary political and academic debates. The lecture contributes to an understanding of the historical and present formations of gender, ethnicity and race.

Departing from the colonial constructions and representations of gender, sexuality, and race the lecture will explore and thematize these coordinates in order to understand and critically engage with the prominence and relevance of the categories of gender and ethnicity in current sociopolitical debates. Moreover, the lecture will provide an overview of feminists, postcolonial and queer concepts and theories in order to arrive to current challenges and struggles of indigenous feminist movements, particularly paying attention to the rise and development of the Zapatista Army of Liberation in Chiapas Mexico, where gender, ethnicity, race and class have become key components of a struggle for justice and dignity.

Lecture with film screenings and discussion.

Written exam

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Film Screening: Baker, R. (1961) Flame in the Streets. UK

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Film screening: Estrada, A (2003) Tierra de mujeres - Land of women. Indigenous women fighting for a dignified life in Chiapas, Mexico


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We are very sorry to inform you that the lecture scheduled on december 17th and 18th is canceled and now takes place on january 28th and 29th. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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