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VU Gender Research
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§ 5 (1) 17 Gender Research

The students know the central concepts and topics of gender studies in political science. They have a multidimensional understanding of the connection between gender and politics and the importance of gender for the analysis of political processes. They are thus able to conduct empirical analyses of political processes and policy fields from a gender perspective. 

Women’s Political Representation in Europe

Political representation is a key feature of modern democracies. In general elections voters determine their legislators, who through the parliamentary proceedings exercise their authority to make legally binding political decisions. From a gendered perspective, however, women suffer from a representational gap. They are underrepresented in almost all parliaments and governments around the world and are less likely than men to find their interests transformed into political decisions. Following an introduction into the theoretical concept of representation and its different dimensions, students engage empirically with the seminar’s topic. To what extent do parliaments in Europe mirror society? Do the attitudes and interests of male and female citizens weigh in on policy outputs differently?

Over the course of this seminar, students will deal with empirical studies employing different methodological approaches. They are furthermore going to collect data and carry out their own qualitative or quantitative analyses. These might for example entail regression analyses of factors influencing women’s seat share in parliaments, as well as content analyses of parliamentary debates or an examination of opinion polls.

Written Assignment

To be announced at the beginning of the seminar.

successful completion of compulsory modules 1 to 3

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Thu 2022-03-10
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Fri 2022-03-18
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