645203 UE Historical Excursion

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UE Historical Excursion
UE 1
every 2 weeks
each semester

Acquisition of knowledge about the forms of historical display and the skills to present historical contexts on site and to deconstruct forms of presentation.

Skills to elaborate on the state of research, questions and specialist discussion on individual aspects of the excursion topic.

Romania is one of Europe’s newly constituted nation states in the 19th century. The Paris Peace Treaties in the aftermath of WWI transformed the Kingdom of Greater Romania with considerable territorial gains, which lasted until the Hitler-Stalin Pact and the Soviet Occupation of certain parts in 1940. The course wants to deal with the question of the historical territories and tries to discuss this in a profile, starting from Transylvania over the Banat, Wallachia, Dobrudja, the Danube Delta to Bucharest: What historical spaces constituted Romania after 1918 and what continuities can be detected? What role did the Habsburg monarchy play in the political and social shaping of this region since the beginning of the 18th century? Did areas such as Transylvania and the Banat have intermediary functions in between East and West? What was the significance of Vienna’s Danube policy during the 19th century? And was the smaller Romania (the old kingdom) before 1914 really considered to be the ‘balcony’ of the Monarchy with a view to the southeast of the Balkan Peninsula?

(Guided) tours in the field, presentations of the course instructors, local experts and preparation of historical material about the visited places. Willingness to discuss!

active participation during the excursion, preparation of thematic units and final essay

Positive assessment of compulsory module 1. The respective proof ought to be produced until the end of March 2022

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