645301 EX Historical Excursion

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EX Historical Excursion
EX 2
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The students are familiar with typical aspects of the environmental and urban history of a European metropolis. They can profitably combine historical knowledge with current site conditions.

During the excursion, we will study and discuss selected aspects of the environmental history of a European metropolis using Prague as an example. Of interest are less the well-known sights and more the built infrastructures of supply and disposal of goods, health care and recreational spaces or urban planning and structural city renewal

Local guided tours, presentations of the course instructor as well as of the students. The latter will be prepared in the accompanying course (645302).

Oral and written presentations.

Will be announced the corresponding course (645302).

Successful completion of obligatory module 1

See German version.

to be announced
5 Tage, 09.-13.05.2022, Prag