705900 SE MIP-Seminar

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SE MIP-Seminar
SE 2
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The goal of the interdisziplinary MIP-Seminar is to practise presenting research results to a scientific but non-expert audience.

In the MIP-Seminar PhD-students from physics, mathematics and computer science present one of their research projects, in a way that mainly targets the other two communities.
For instance, physicists working on quantum computing, should imagine trying to interest computer scientists in their projects in order to get help with a problem, that looks new in physics, but under a different name has maybe been solved decades ago in computer science.

This PhD course will be held in English and all the course material is available in English.

Participants are expected to give a 15-20 minutes talk, and to participate in discussions of their PhD topic and the other students' presentations. It will be graded for presentation and interaction with the audience and other presenters.

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

The seminar is intended for PhD students who are at least in the second year and whose dissertation is registered. They should have completed one project (as main investigator) and should have a clear plan of your next research goals. Ideally it is first discussed with the PhD-advisor whether one is ready for the MIP-Seminar.

Please mention the name of your supervisor at registration.

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