800987 VU Data Visualization and Open-Access Publishing in the Humanities

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VU Data Visualization and Open-Access Publishing in the Humanities
VU 2

– Critical analysis of visualization methods and digital interfaces

– Overview of copyright issues related to digital publishing (incl. open-access models)

– Understanding data modeling, i.e., the translation of theoretical concepts into databases and interfaces

– Developing skills to head digital projects (proposal writing, budgeting, time management, interdisciplinary teamwork, etc.)

Based on the digital mapping project Campus Medius (campusmedius.net) and the open-access journal Genealogy+Critique (genealogy-critique.net), the course will deal with the topics data visualization and open-access publishing in the humanities. The focus lies on the one hand on the analysis of different visualization methods from the perspective of media studies, and on the other hand on the knowledge-political relevance of copyright issues. Moreover, we will discuss practical questions regarding the implementation of digital research projects.

– Attendance and participation

– Group works

– Presentations

– Writing assignments

Assessment based on attendance, participation, presentations, and writing assignments

– Simon Ganahl: Mapping Austrofascism and Beyond: Report on the Digital Research Project Campus Medius, in: medien & zeit, 36/1 (2021), pp. 42–52, see also URL: campusmedius.net

– Eve, Martin and Jonathan Gray: Reassembling Scholarly Communications. Histories, Infrastructures, and Global Politics of Open Access, Cambridge: MIT Press 2020.

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