848158 UE Specialisation: Experimental Building Design and Technology - Prototyping

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UE Specialisation: Experimental Building Design and Technology - Prototyping
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The two 1:1 design build projects "Chameleon" (research project "sophia builds") and "TAKKA" (research project "DUSSA") were selected by juries for implementation. The approx. 200 m2 "Chameleon" designed by Maja Link and Valentin Fick is being developed as an experimental learning space for the Tirol University of Education in Innsbruck. The approx. 25 m2 "TAKKA" designed by Nicolas Decker and Josef Herzog serves as a base station and shelter for a forest kindergarten in the municipality of Nenzing in Vorarlberg.

Both projects will be developed in parallel within the course with the following content: Submission, execution and realization planning, material research, company contacts and public appearance (website). The students have the opportunity to participate in a very practice based planning in cooperation with the commissioned consultants (structural engineering and energy design) as well as to work on the construction of the projects.

1:1 Design Build Project.

First meeting on Tuesday, 8. March at 13:00 at the Institute.

The students are assigned to a project according to their interests and possibilities and will further develop the respective project in teamwork in close cooperation with the project authors and supervisors as well as the external consultants with analog and digital methods. The work is coordinated and guided through regular, weekly discourses at the institute.

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

The personal interest of each individual in wanting to make/plan the projects "Chameleon" and "TAKKA" in a committed team.

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