146112 VO Anatomy and Physiology

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VO Anatomy and Physiology
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  • know and understand the modelling strategies in biological systems, can analyse, evaluate and apply them and are able to design models for given subsystems;
  • are able to understand and evaluate ethical and legal aspects in medical technology and to consider them in the development of medical technology products;
  • are able to communicate basic facts of biomedical engineering clearly and correctly;
  • know the basic anatomical structure of the human body and can name it;
  • understand the basic physiological contexts and master the basic vocabulary of anatomical and physiological terminology;
  • are familiar with practical tasks in the field of biomedical technology

Microscopic and macroscopic structure of the human body, musculoskeletal system, organs, organ systems, basic knowledge of physiological functions of the organs and biochemical metabolic processes.

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

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Group 0
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Wed 2022-10-05
08.30 - 11.45 UMIT UMIT
Wed 2022-10-12
08.30 - 11.45 UMIT UMIT
Wed 2022-10-19
08.30 - 11.45 UMIT UMIT
Wed 2022-11-02
08.30 - 11.45 UMIT UMIT
Wed 2022-11-09
08.30 - 11.45 UMIT UMIT
Wed 2022-11-16
08.30 - 11.45 UMIT UMIT
Wed 2022-11-23
08.30 - 11.45 UMIT UMIT