408112 SE Applied Multivariate Data Analysis

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SE Applied Multivariate Data Analysis
SE 2

Curr. 2021 § 5 (1) 6: The students are able to investigate a research question theoretically with quantitative data and to apply structure-checking procedures to test hypotheses. The students can independently carry out the most common multivariate analysis methods with statistical software, interpret – 5 – the results in a sociologically meaningful way and present them clearly with tables and graphics in research reports and presentations. The positive completion of the module enables the critical reception of quantitative-oriented contributions in the social science literature. Furthermore, the participants get their first insights into the possible uses of “big data” for the social sciences

In this course students exercise with the most important multivariate methods of analysis (cross-tabulation, linear and logistic regression), models explaining associations (spuriosity and mediation, including model specification in regressions), and interaction models (moderation). Students will also answer a specific research question with quantitative secondary data and multivariate methods of analysis. Related themes as data description, sample selection, and description and coding of variables will also be discussed.

Seminars and computer labs

Active participation and written paper

C.f. the syllabus (on OLAT).

successful completion of compulsory module 4

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