645301 EX Historical Excursion

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EX Historical Excursion
EX 2
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Acquisition of knowledge on the different forms of historic display and the skills to present historic relations on site and to deconstruct display formats.

The excursion will show the development of medical institutions in the long 19th and 20th centuries via several locations in Tyrol (Innsbruck - Hall) and Vienna. The focus will be on the hospital, the "lunatic asylums", institutes for the blind, maternity hospitals, institutions of medical education and training and urban hygiene.

Local guided tours, presentations from the course instructor as well as from students.

Oral and written presentations.

Successful completion of obligatory module 1

to be announced
15.12 und 16.12.22 Innsbruck und Umgebung , 18.-20.12.22 Wien