740940 VU CavX I: Ion channels in cellular functions

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VU CavX I: Ion channels in cellular functions
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Lecture providing basic principles in ion channel function, physiology research techniques


1. Cellular excitability 

2. Synaptic transmission 

3. Endocrine functions

4. Excitation-contraction coupling

5. Disease genetics

6. Vision / hearing

Ion channels in cellular functions

oral examination

The CavX I core lecture on ion channels in cellular functions is held as a combination of lectures, reading assignments, and paper presentations. The 6 individual topics will be presented by faculty members in 2h lectures. Finally, each student will briefly present 2 papers from 2 different topics. Please find dates and times of the lectures below, room allocations will be announced in due time. The meetings for the paper presentations will be individually arranged together with the respective lecturer.


IMPORTANT: Due to the ongoing measures to contain the cov2 pandemic, lectures will be held as hybrid lectures. First, the selected lecture rooms will be large enough to fit all attendants under current regulations. We are thus very much looking forward to meeting many of you at a "real life" meeting! However, to those of you who cannot personally attend the meeting we will hold teh meeting online in parallel. To this end the lecturers will send out electronic invitations and I kindly ask those of you, who need or prefer to attend the meeting online, to accept the invitation so that the lecturers get an idea how many people will be live/online.


• 6x2h lecture series by the faculty members, max. 6 additional meetings for paper presentations

• 12 papers to be read by each student, 2 papers presented


Topics, lecturers, and dates:

1. Cellular excitability (Flucher) - Wed, Nov 18, 9-11

2. Synaptic transmission (Obermair) - Fri, Nov 20, 13-15

3. Endocrine functions (Tuluc) - Thu, Nov 26, 9-11

4. Excitation-contraction coupling (Campiglio) - Wed, Jan 13, 9-11

5. Disease genetics (Striessnig) - Thu, Jan 14, 9-11

6. Vision / hearing (Koschak) - Thu, Jan 21, 9-11

Group 0
Date Time Location
Thu 2022-10-27
11.30 - 14.00 L.EG.220 L.EG.220