325075 Constitutional Law in Action

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Constitutional Law in Action
VU 1

Deepening of concepts of constitutional law

Visit to the Italian Constituional Court, the Italian Parliament, the Conference of Regions, the Consiglio di Stato and the Office of the Autonomous Province of Bozen-Südtirol, meetings with members of Parliament.

Date: Constitutional Court visit on September, 19th, 2023, all other visits will be organized between 18th and 21th of September 2023.

Visit; short presentation of each participant on an argument heard before the Constitutional Court or in Parliament.

Short paper on oral presentation

Will be announced in the lecture

Succesfully passed exam on Italian Constitutional Law I

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Group 0
Date Time Location
Mon 2023-04-17
18.00 - 20.00 UR 3108 UR 3108 Erstbesprechung
Tue 2023-06-20
08.30 - 10.00 UNO Saal UNO Saal Barrier-free