603214 SE Principles of Educational Science: Advanced II: Cultures of Memory

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SE Principles of Educational Science: Advanced II: Cultures of Memory
SE 2
every 2 weeks

Students are able to work scientifically on an issue selected from an appropriate area.

In this course, we will have a closer look at the connex of education and society: We will explore different understandings why education is needed and what kind of education is put in place for a certain sociocultural living. To read and reflect historical and more recent theoretical concepts will help us to trace relations and identify normative and formative aspects.

What are legitimate reasons to call for certain education/educational goals and what kinds of human are shaped?

Later during the course, we will use movies to detect theoretical frameworks in sociocultural encounters.

close reading, visualisations, (group) discussions, written assigments for preparation of class.

analyzing selected films/movies as part of course work.

Oral contributions (text presentation or impulse presentation), group discussions, submission of reading notes on the first block date (written submission); final reflection on the SE/EX.

Readings are provided in OLAT.


Some work for this seminar is to be done in groups additionally to the course meetings.

International students and people who's native language is not German and/or those who are not used to read German academic texts, please contact me in advance so that we can figure out how you are going to take part in this course and benefit from it!

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Exkursion: 04. und 05.05. sowie 16.-18.06.2023, Ötztal (Mai) sowie Südtirol (Juni)