607227 EX/UE Reflective Practice: Cultural Initiatives in Tyrol

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EX/UE Reflective Practice: Cultural Initiatives in Tyrol
EX 2

The students are sensitized for matters of cultural policies.

The students have basic knowledge about the cultural field of the independent art scene in Tyrol.

The students gain an overview about working methods and external frameworks of independent cultural work.

The students are able to conduct interviews and write a blog entry.

The cultural field is very diverse and the places in which cultural and artistic work takes place vary vastly. Aside from big established players of the public sector (like regional museums or the regional theater), a big part of the cultural activities in Tyrol is produced by so-called “independent cultural initiatives”, i.e. by the civil society. In this course we will take a closer look at the field of the “independent scene”: What do we mean when we talk about the work of “cultural initiatives” or the “off scene”? Under which working conditions and external frameworks is a Poetry Slam event, a concert, a theater play created? How important is independent cultural work for our society?

Together, we will develop answers to these questions, not only by input lectures but mostly by taking the students to excursions. We are going to visit and interview cultural initiatives in Tyrol which shine a light on different topics of independent cultural work and can therefore be considered to be best practice examples. Interview questions may address, for instance, the following aspects and topics:

·         Cultural work in remote(r) areas: importance of cultural initiatives and community work for the cultural development of rural areas

·         Space: cultural activities in the public space or as temporary use of vacancies

·         (Sub-)cultural organizational structures: platform thinking and non-hierarchical organizational structures

·         Climate culture: What do art and culture have to do with climate protection and what can they contribute to a sustainable future?

·         Youth: importance of cultural initiatives for artistic young professionals and cultural activities for kids and teenagers

Theoretical inputs will complete the practical experiences.

Lecture; discussion, oral presentations; excursions.

Participation; blog entry; reading response; oral presentations.

To be announced.

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Fri 2023-04-21
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