618042 UE Art and Application II: NS-Bauten-Kataster Tirol 1938-1945

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UE Art and Application II: NS-Bauten-Kataster Tirol 1938-1945
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Participation in an interdisciplinary research project of the Archiv für Bau.Kunst.Geschichte in cooperation with the Bundesdenkmalamt, the Institute for Contemporary History (Institut Zeitgeschichte LFU) and the Kunstkataster Land Tirol. Advanced study and independent application of art historical methods based on selected examples from the topic of the course

On the initiative of the provincial government, an expert commission "Neues Landhaus" met in 2019. The result was a comprehensive documentation of the most prominent administrative building of the National Socialist era in Tyrol, the present Landhaus. At the same time, the expert commission drew up a package of measures to be implemented by October 2020, which includes a register of Nazi buildings under item 4 (Perspectives). This refers to a synopsis of the buildings erected between 1938 and 1945, in particular public buildings including NSDAP, barracks and industrial buildings as well as residential buildings and sacred buildings, which comprehensively catalogs the buildings that were erected and documents their transition to democratic times. Only on the basis of a comprehensive inventory can the sustainability of "fascization" through buildings in Tyrol be properly classified."

From quantitative to qualitative analysis: the methodology and approach to research and analysis were used for the first time in the exhibition "Bauen im Nationalsozialismus. Bavaria 1933-1945" for the first time and successfully applied. The exhibition catalog with the same title was published with 584 pages and numerous illustrations and maps. Until today, it is a standard work for research on building and planning in the Nazi period. Presentations and written works complement the group research and discussions

oral and written presentations

Winfried Nerdinger (Hg.), Bauen im Nationalsozialismus. Bayern 1933–1945, Ausstellungskatalog des Architekturmuseums der TUM im Münchner Stadtmuseums Nr. 9, Klinkhardt & Biermann, München 1993

Helmut Weihsmann, Bauen unterm Hakenkreuz, Wien 1998

Wolfgang Meighörner (Hg.), Zwischen Ideologie und Anpassung. Kunst und Nationalsozialismus in Tirol, Tiroler Landesmuseen, Innsbruck 2018, S. 278-289.

Hilde Strobl und Christian Mathies (Hg.), Vom Gauhaus zum Landhaus. Ein Tiroler NS-Bau und seine Geschichte, Innsbruck 2021

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