626101 PR Dealing with the Challenges as a Teacher at School - Initial Practical Course

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PR Dealing with the Challenges as a Teacher at School - Initial Practical Course
PR 2

Application of knowledge acquired in the VO and the PS "School as an educational institution and role of the teacher", in-depth analysis of challenges of the teaching profession and developing profession-specific capacity-building, networking of theoretical knowledge with practical teaching experience; Changing from a pupil’s perspective to initial teacher perspective

Traineeship: Changing from a pupils perspective to initial teacher perspective; job shadowing and classroom observation; teaching assistant, teaching exercises; participation in school life; implementation of a research project on learning

Course: The course is based on the experiences made in Schulpraktikum I. Reflecting on the initial placement and career decision, presentation and discussion of project work, in-depth examination of profession specific challenges in terms of preparation, design and implementation of a group presentation in consideration of heterogeneous learning groups and inclusive learning situations

Placement within an AHS or BMHS in Tyrol, Vorarlberg or South Tyrol; independent research; reflecting on the initial placement and thereby experiencing profession specific challenges in the occupational field of school and research / theory-based addressing these challenges (in various forms of work)

Continuous evaluation of performance. Completing all aspects as set out in the placement documentation and successful completion of oral, written and practical tasks in the academic part of the course.

Passing the lecture "School as an Educational Institution and the Role of the Teacher" as well as the Initial Practical course

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