626701 PS Reformative education in practice

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PS Reformative education in practice
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Course participants learn about:

·       Principles and structures of different progressive educational approaches  (Jenaplan, Daltonplan, Montessori-, Waldorf-, Freinet Pädagogik)

·       Institutions with reform pedagogical approaches in Tirol

·       Current importance and relevance of reform pedagogy for teaching and learning


Course Participants can:

·       Reflect on personal pedagogical concepts

·       Develop their own teaching in regards to reform pedagogical principles (individualisation, differentiation, inclusion, activity orientation, self-responsibility)

·       Develop teaching material (timeline) according to Montessori quality criteria


The course deals with the principles and structures of various reform pedagogical models. The main focus is on the conceptual ideas of this approach and their practical feasibility. Different approaches to learning are analysed.

A critical view on our own pedagogical concepts and visions, at the topicality of reform pedagogy with regard to educational standards, curriculum and current school learning fields such as inclusion, differentiation, individualization and social learning, etc are dealt with in the course.

The practical part, includes getting know a reform pedagogical institution and gain personal experience in dealing with Montessori materials. The creation of teaching material (timeline) for one's own subject enables action-oriented access.

Short presentations, discussions, reading selected texts, preparation and workshops, practical work


Practical part: Visit a reform pedagogical institution, development and presentation of teaching materials relevant for your teaching subject(s)

·       attendance & active participation

·       development and delivery of a workshop (group work)

·       developing a timeline for your own subject

·       reading and working with selected texts


successful completion of compulsory module 1 

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