626709 PS School law in theory and practice

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PS School law in theory and practice
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The students get an insight into the legal implications of everyday school life. You will receive a systematic overview of the school regulations in South Tyrol and the essential legal bases at the state level. By deepening special school law-specific subject areas using concrete case studies, students are able to become aware of the responsibility, complexity and diversity of the teaching profession and to develop the various problems from a "legal perspective" in order to develop suitable solution strategies..

· Brief introduction to the Italian legal system (hierarchy of legal sources, relationship between state and state legislation, secondary legislative competence of the state) - essential legal sources for school regulations in South Tyrol (Art. 19 Statute of Autonomy, DPR No. 89/1983, LG No. 12/2000 , LG No. 20/1995, LG No. 5/2008, LG No. 11/2010, LG No. 24/1996); Communication of technical basics (legal databases on the Internet)

School autonomy (historical development, deepening of organizational and didactic autonomy)

· Framework guidelines of the country - curriculum planning

Codetermination committees in schools (responsibilities, functionality)

· Administrative measures and legal defects

· Assessment of the pupils - pupil charter

Legal aspects of service (admission of teachers - essentials about the LKV, e.g. working hours)

· Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Law for Teachers

Liability - supervision (non-contractual / contractual liability - processing of judgments)

The imparting of specialist knowledge by experts from the German Education Directorate also takes place on the basis of a joint discussion of case studies from everyday school life. The students study a topic independently and write a seminar paper.

Continuous attendance; active contribution; written Proseminar-paper.

successful completion of compulsory module 1 

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