645405 SE Applied Methods and Theories

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SE Applied Methods and Theories
SE 2

Students present the research issues of their Master’s Theses including an overview of research literature and source situation. They explain and substantiate their conceptual design and the contents dealt with. They analyse, compare and evaluate their own and other research concepts and results. They deal with research questions from controversial perspectives. They handle peer review and different scientific presentation formats

The seminar will first deal with current research questions and methodological approaches. Subsequently, on April 28, all participants will present the topic, question, theory, method, sources, research design, and structure of their own master's thesis in order to develop it further in joint discussion.

Please note: It is necessary to have developed the research question of your master's thesis to create a collaborative and productive peer-learning setting.

Readings, presentations, writing exercises, peer learning, discussions, input by course instructors

Presentations, discussions, written and oral contributions

Frank, Andrea / Haacke, Stefanie / Lahm, Swantje: Schlüsselkompetenzen: Schreiben in Studium und Beruf. Stuttgart, Weimar 2007.

Günther, Katja: Selbstcoaching in der Wissenschaft. Wie das Schreiben gelingt. Opladen 2020.

Hagen, Florian et al.: Mehr als 77 Tipps zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten. Hamburg 2021.

Jordan, Stefan: Theorien und Methoden der Geschichtswissenschaft (= Orientierung Geschichte), Stuttgart: UTB 2008.

Neumann, Friederike: Schreiben im Geschichtsstudium. Opladen, Toronto 2018.

See above. Participants should be working on their master's thesis.

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