725016 PR Advanced Practical Course on Instrumental Analysis

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PR Advanced Practical Course on Instrumental Analysis
PR 5
The students achieve a profound knowledge about current analytical techniques. They are able to establish analytical methods for selected problems on their own and to interpret analytical data correctly.
literature research in order to find a suitable procedure for a given analytical problem, samples selected from the fields of environmental, bio-, food , polymer and industrial analysis, different sample preparations and application of chromatography, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and hyphenated techniques,data evaluation and comparison of different analytical methods
practical lab course in small groups

successful accomplishment of the experimental tasks; final lab journal

Harris, Lehrbuch der Quantitativen Analyse, Springer 2002; Skoog, West, Holler, Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry, Saunders 1992Skoog, Leary, Principles of Instrumental Analysis, Saunders 1992Kellner (HSG) Analytical Chemistry, Wiley 2004Camman, Instrumentelle Analytische Chemie, Spektrum 2001

Registration via LFU:online is obligatory! Comment: conditions for admission according to curriculum apply!
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2. Hälfte März bis Ende April nach Vereinbarung (Details: LFU:online und Aushang), Forschungslaboratorien Analytische Chemie