822188 EP Design Studio 2

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EP Design Studio 2
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Advanced working on architectural concepts. The students can convincingly communicate their designs, present them in detail and position them within the respective theoretical or creative context.

The city fosters art and is art; the city creates the theatre and is the theatre. It is in the city, the city as theatre, that man’s more purposive activities are focused . Lewis Mumford, ‘What is a City?’


Lewis Mumford, writing in the 1930s, understood the city as a ‘theatre of social action’. His approach remains relevant in the context of the contemporary post-industrial city, in which theatricality and performativity are key drivers of the so-called ‘experience economies’.

Towards that direction and as a continuation of last year’s studio on ‘performing’, we will set out this semester to explore how performance, narrative and scenography are related to public space.


While combining readings, research and creative experimentation, we will work around three basic thematic cycles:


- Rituals

How do people inhabit contemporary cities through the performance of rituals carried out repeatedly and consistently as part of daily life?


- Spectacles

What happens when urban space becomes a stage to host the exception to the routine?


- Transformations

How can designing using the links between performance and city-making create space for transformation?



The aim of the studio is for students to learn how to carry out intensive research into urban conditions, cultural relations and practices of everyday life in order to formulate concrete architectural ideas. 

Through the course of the semester and besides reading and writing, the students will develop an object, a space, an installation or other form of insertion for the city of Innsbruck.

Methodologically, we will work with theory through design.
Practically, we will engage with literature and 3D modelling, narration and animation to compose architectural essays, research on the topic, and produce odd new  scenographies for the city.




- Through the study of theoretical texts, the students will be able to better grasp, analyse and take a critical stance towards contemporary spatial phenomena.


- Through the development of their concepts using visuals and text, the students will practice the understanding and analysis of recent experimental and critical architectural projects.





- Essay (illustrated, with quotes and references, about 2000 words)


- To model / create an object, a space, an installation or other form of insertion for the city of Innsbruck


Final Presentation: students will present their final designs in a final presentation to the group, along with an explanation of how the design reflects their research.

Reading, Academic Writing,

Modelling, Rendering with Rhino and Blender

Movie Making (Adobe Premiere)

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Continuous assessment and compulsory attendance.

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

Meetings every Wednesday at 10:00

KICKOFF meeting 08.03.2023 @studio Architekturtheorie