847210 UE Prototyping/Design Build

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UE Prototyping/Design Build
UE 4

The students gain in-depth insights into special perspectives and working techniques of the various topics within the architecture and set individual emphases.

Exhibitions are stories that are told in space. The interaction of space and storyline is essential for the success of an exhibition reception.

The content and aim of the course is to work prototypically for two different exhibition projects and to discuss the interaction between architecture, human perception and experience. How can scenography support the storyline well? How do spatial images influence the reception by the audience?

The course is practical: For two exhibitions (in Schwaz, Museum der Völker and Innsbruck, Audioversum) an exhibition design will be developed further (and finished).

Introduction: Monday, 13.3.2022, 10.00, Institute of Design, studio 2 Lisa Noggler-Gürtler, historian and curator at the Wien Museum, Director Museum der Völker, Schwaz Exhibitions, publications, educational programmes

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Will be discussed in the first lesson.