848188 EP Design Studio 2

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EP Design Studio 2
EP 5

Advanced working on architectural concepts. The students can convincingly communicate their designs, present them in detail and position them within the respective theoretical or creative context.

The development of creative and constructive solutions for architectural tasks and the training of individual creativity.

Whats the difference?

Prototypische Rauminstallationen in 1:X – 1:1

In this semester we design, construct and build prototypical spatial installations on a scale of 1:X - 1:1. The installations are walk-in and can be physically experienced. Individual projects are related to each other in an overall spatial configuration/composition and made accessible to the public in a concluding exhibition. A space of different impressions, of its own temporality and terminology, should be created, which takes up and reflects on traditional and contemporary questions of architecture. The aim of the semester is the design and realization of an architectural, prototypical spatial sculpture/sculpture on a large scale (1:X - 1:1).

The experimental work is created based on intuitive and analytical study models and a design idea derived from this that is consistently developed with a focus on form, space and material.

What is a good shape? What is a good space?

For further information please see https://lms.uibk.ac.at/url/RepositoryEntry/5384011977 and https://www.exparch.at/2023/01/e2-m2-whats-the-difference/

We work iteratively and multimedially. We work individually, in teams-of-two and together in the whole group (joint spatial concept and exhibition). Individual exercises and experiments use different analogue and digital work environments to explore the sought-after spatial and formal, material and immaterial qualities of the (spatial) prototype and common space to be designed.

The studio is carried out as a vertical studio in exchange with lecturers and students of Bachelor Design Studio E2 Group 1 (studio schmidbaur).

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Please see studio brief.