922014 Musical Form 01

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(University Mozarteum Salzburg)
Musical Form 01
VO 2
Recognition of musical forms. Competent application of the terminology used in musical form.
Elements and structures of polyphonic and homophonic music - Specific terminology: motive, theme, imitation etc. - Variants of thematic construction, e.g. sentence and period, type of “spinning out” in baroque music etc. - musical forms of vocal and instrumental music: song forms (one-part, binary, ternary, extended forms etc.) - Variation form (polyphonic and homophonic variation) - Invention (vocal and instrumental music) - The focus lies on musical forms and compositional techniques in the baroque, the classical and romantic era and in the first half of the 20th century.
Interaction between lecturer and students. Lecture with numerous listening examples and music examples from the fields of instrumental and vocal music. The lecture is practice-oriented and promotes the participation of the students. Regular attendance is highly recommended.
Written exam. The assessment is based on the achievement of points in separate subtasks. In the last subtask of the test (analytical example) you have to earn at least 50 percent of the maximum number of points in this last subtask to pass the exam. Details will be given in the lecture.
Barbara Dobretsberger. Formenlehre. Formen der Instrumentalmusik. Wien, Doblinger 2016 Barbara Dobretsberger. Formenlehre. Formen der Vokalmusik. Wien, Doblinger 2019
Basic knowledge in harmony. A minimum of a B1-level in German is expected.